Student Attendance

It is the philosophy of the Indian River School District that pupils need to attend school if they are to learn.   It is our belief that by promoting regular school attendance during the early childhood and adolescent years we will instill a responsibility in the individual to attend work regularly once they reach adulthood and enter the workplace in our society.   Indian River School District students who are counted as being absent for EIGHT (8) UNEXCUSED DAYS, NOT OCCURRENCES, WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EARN CREDITS FOR THE YEAR OR BE PROMOTED TO THE NEXT GRADE.

1.  In the event of a student absence, the District will require a parent/guardian note.  If the absence extends beyond three consecutive days, the parent/guardian must contact the school.  When the student returns to school, he/she must bring a parent/guardian note within two (2) school days documenting the entire period of absence.
2.  The student should provide a doctor's note to the school nurse whenever a visit to a doctor has taken place during the school year.
3.  Parent notes will be accepted for up to eight (8) days throughout the school year.  Additional documentation may be required to excuse additional absences.